I feel so bad for posting this in the middle of October, but I’ve had a lot going on (which I’ll talk about in a future blog post) but I didn’t want to skip this month because it’s one of my favourites!

At the start of the year I decided to not do themes every month but while I was sick recently I watched Over the Garden Wall a couple of times and did a bunch of drawings and thought they’d be perfect as stickers for my journal.

Over the Garden Wall is a mini-series that follow two brothers, Wirt and Greg, who are lost in the Unknown, a strange forest. A wise old woodsman and bluebird, Beatrice help them find their way.

I kept my main page and monthly overview the same as past months because they have been working so well for me, I didn’t feel the need to change them.

I did change up my habit tracker page though. I felt like it was time to change it, to keep me motivated. I also tried out a kind of new weekly spread. I added a meal plan to the bottom because I thought it would help me feel normal again. While I was sick I didn’t have the energy to make proper meals so I thought eating real meals again would help me get back into a routine and get my life back together again.

I loved this theme so much that I decided to do a plan with me also. I really enjoy filming plan with me’s and really want to make it a regular thing in 2019. Please ignore the ending of my video. I did a giveaway at the start of the month on my instagram, but it has already closed and I’ve sent the winners their stickers. Sorry guys!

Sorry again that this is so late. I’ll be writing a post soon explain why I’ve been gone and what I’ve been up to and the future of my blog.


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