September is my anniversary month with my husband and since we met at a Harry Potter midnight screening, I thought I’d do a Harry Potter theme! I’ve really been into Harry Potter again lately. I’ve re-watched all the movies, started re-reading the books, playing the new Hogwarts Mystery app, making wands and I’ve been drawing a lot. I did a couple of drawings a few months ago for my RedBubble and just continued to draw more and more. I have wanted to make my own bujo stickers for a while now and was going to wait until I bought a Silhouette Cameo3, but I couldn’t wait and decided to just hand cut them and use them now!

Last month I tried something new and had a less structured weekly spread which I absolutely hated. I don’t know how all the popular bullet journal accounts do it, but I need my spreads even and in boxes or it seems so all over the place and I feel disorganised. One thing I did like was using photos in my spreads, so I’m incorporating that into my regular pages. I’ve made a Pinterest board with every photo I’ve used plus some that I may use in the future.
I went kind of overboard with all the stickers in these spreads, but I just love them so much!

I’m keeping my habit tracker page the same again this month, but I’m only tracking basic things as I’ve been sick and don’t have time to keep up with all of the things I was tracking last month. I think next month I may try a new layout. I also added in a notes page because having somewhere to write down things I need to add to the shopping list or blog post ideas is always helpful!

I’m keeping my weekly spread simple again. I saw this layout on Instagram (here), which was actually inspired by my go-to weekly spread. I tried it out last week and it’s the perfect amount of space so I’m really into this layout right now and I will probably use it a lot.

So those are my September spreads. I’m super excited to create my weekly spreads for this month because I can use more of my fun stickers! If you want to see all of my past spreads, you can find them on my bujo IG account which I post to every week.


I really love the drawings I did so I put together this little printable for you to use in your journal spreads, notebooks, anywhere! All you have to do is download the PDF, print it out on sticker paper (or regular paper and glue) and then cut them out and use them!


Let me know what Hogwarts house you’re in. I’m a Slytherin!


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    Carly Thompson


    Happy anniversary to you and your husband, here’s to many more together! I love the Harry Potter theme, and so kind that you have attached printables. They would look great anywhere.

    Carly xx //

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      Kayla Arnold


      Thank you so much! x

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    Sonam - Kind Culture


    That’s so sweet that you’re doing a Harry Potter theme for your anniversary – Happy Anniversary to you both!

    The theme looks amazing. Will be checking out your stickers now xx

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      Kayla Arnold


      Thank you!! x

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    I love these posts! It’s always so nice to see how other people plan and use their bullet journals

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      Kayla Arnold


      Glad you like them!


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