I had no plans on getting any of the new Morphe and Jaclyn Hill Vault Palettes. I saw Jackie Aina give them a not so great review a couple of months ago when she got them in PR but Morphe said that they’d fix everything and push back the release. I had basically forgotten about them until Morphe announced that their Australian website was finally up!

I have been waiting for this website to go live for so long. When all of the Australian Morphe stockists announced that they were no longer allowed to stock them I knew they were working on an AU website.
The Jaclyn Hill Vault is a collection of four palettes that were shades that didn’t make it into the original Jaclyn Hill collab palette. They all have 10 shades and are $23AUD each or $75AUD for the set.
I actually don’t really like Jaclyn Hill so I didn’t feel the need to get all four palettes. I just got the one that looked like something I would use, but don’t already have, so I got the Armed & Gorgeous palette.

I love the shades in this palette so much. The green shade specifically drew me in because I don’t have anything like it. There are also more mattes than shimmers in this which I love. My biggest pet peeve is when there are more shimmer shades. I feel like it really limits the number of looks you can create and wouldn’t be able to use just that one palette a lot without getting bored.

I’ve said in the past that swatches don’t mean anything because while swatching, they don’t act the same as when they’re being applied to your eye with a brush. But these shadows were so smooth and buttery and I could tell from that, that they were going to be nice to apply.

Just like with my last palette review I created two eye looks. This time I did a fairly basic, everyday look and a glam, colourful look.

Shades: Access, Secure, Agent, Smooth Criminal & Prowl

Shades: Access, Secure, Top Secret & Coin

I genuinely love this palette. I can see myself using this daily because the warm tones work well with my skin tone. I was really worried when I bought this because I had seen videos and reviews that were very negative, but I loved the colours so much, I wanted to see what it was like for myself. I’ve tried Morphe palettes in the past and I really liked them and this palette is of the same (or even better) quality. They were not patchy at all and layered beautifully.

I feel like a lot of people know that negative reviews get more views and clicks than positive reviews so they like to make a big deal out of the smallest thing. People also don’t like Morphe because they are very into influencers and having them pushing their discount codes at the followers. But honesty, Morphe products are good. I’ve never had a problem with any of the palettes or brushes that I’ve tried and I’ve been using them for a few years now. Morphe are a global brand and have multiple stores across America. That wouldn’t be possible if their products were as bad as people make them out to be.

If you are looking for a new, affordable palette I would highly suggest this (or one of the others). I will probably pick up the other palettes in this collection in the future. 10 high quality, pigmented shades for only $23AUD is incredible.


I hope some of you found this review helpful. If you have any of these Vault palettes, I would really love to know your experience with them.


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    Sonam - Kind Culture


    This palette is so beautiful! It looks like the perfect palette for Autumn. xx

    • Reply

      Kayla Arnold


      It really is the ultimate autumn palette!!

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    I’m obsessed with COIN!!! I’ve never tried morphe before but with those amazing eye looks you created with this palette I’m definitely more inclined to give it a go!

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      Kayla Arnold


      You should for sure try them! Their stuff is incredible and the prices are so damn good!!!

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    I love morphe products! And I always love the looks you create, you’re so talented x

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      Kayla Arnold


      Thanks love! x


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