A couple of months ago, Nikkie Tutorials launched her collaboration with Ofra Cosmetics. I absolutely loved it and even wrote a review on it (that you can read here). So when she announced the Glow Baby, Glow Collection I was extremely happy! In the first collab there were 3 liquid lipsticks and one highlight wheel with three shades that would suit all skin tones. This new collection had one lipstick that claims to suit all skin tones and all three shades of highlighter from the first collection as full size singles. They also changed the darkest highlight shade to be less orange.

First we’ll look at the improved highlight shade, Blind the Haters. I only bought this one because I still have my highlighter from the first collaboration, though I will probably buy singles of the other two shades soon. The original darkest highlight was a bit too dark for me and also a little too orange. It is a really lovely colour though and looked great as an eyeshadow. This new shade is still a little bit dark for me, but Australia will be coming into summer soon so I’m sure it will suit me better then.
You can see in the swatches below how much nicer the new shade is.

Top: New | Bottom: Original

Now on to the lipstick, Dutchess. I was really excited when I saw this shade because this is the kind of colour I’m really into at the moment. It’s quite similar to Saint by Lime Crime which has been my go-to recently. Dutchess is a cooler tone, which I sometimes stay away from because it can make me look a little grey, but I used my favourite lip liner, Cher by Gerard Cosmetics, under it and I really like how it looks on me. It is a matte finish but it doesn’t fully dry down like Lime Crime or Kylie Cosmetics. It is super comfortable to wear though.

Overall, I really love this collection. Ofra’s cosmetics are extremely high quality, so even if you’re not a huge Nikkie Tutorials fan I would still recommend trying this collection because it’s great!
If you want to see me unboxing these products and my Fenty Beauty haul, you can see it on my Nextbeat!

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    The new colour definitely looks a lot better than the old one! The liquid lipstick looks like a gorgeous colour too and it really suits you xx

    Hannah | luxuryblush

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      Kayla Arnold


      Thank you!! x


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