A couple of weeks ago Kylie Cosmetics had their huge summer sale. They had free international shipping for orders over $60 and buy 1 get 1 free so I placed an order.

I got myself two lip kits, two blushes and two highlighters. First we’ll talk about the highlighters, or as Kylie named them, Kylighters. I’ve seen so many reviews on Kylighters and most of them have been negative because they’re not “glowy” or “bright” enough. I’ve seen how they look on people and they look really good. I feel like sometimes people can be really critical of Kylie for no reason other than they don’t like her as a person. She has said herself that she didn’t want them to have an intense glow. She wanted them to be really natural and that’s what they are. I really like them and I think they’re great for every day natural makeup looks.

My only problem with them (if you could even call it a problem) is that the packaging was printed wrong. I remember seeing this problem when they were first released back in February on her snapchat which she said was her “sample”. I ordered mine in July, months later, and the packing was printed wrong and had the correct name stuck over with a sticker. First Date was actually the name of a blush she also released in February in her Valentine’s Collection. I ordered Chocolate Cherry and Cotton Candy Cream. It really isn’t a huge deal because it’s just the packaging, but considering is has been months and she is still sending out the wrong packaging is not that great.

I also got two blushes Virginity and X Rated. I know people don’t like the names of her blushes, but considering Nars have a blush named Orgasm (which no one really complains about), I feel like this is just another case of people being overly critical of Kylie. The blushes are really nice and the colours are just lovely!

Lastly I got two lip kits that I have wanted for a really long time. I got Love Bite and Spice! These are the first colours I’ve bought from Kylie that are “wearable” (I wear all colours of lipstick all year round, but I know not a lot of people are comfortable in blue lipstick). I have blues, greens and blacks from her so it was nice to get colours like this! I love Kylie’s lip kits and I really believe they are some of the best lipsticks out there. They last all day and don’t feel like you’re even wearing anything.

I spent $60 USD during this sale and because they had buy 1 get 1 free I ended up getting $80 USD worth of makeup for FREE! It was an incredibly good deal and if she ever did a sale like this again I would highly recommend buying some things if you want to try her cosmetics out!

Let me know what you like the look of the most and if you’re a fan of Kylie Cosmetics let me know your favourites!



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    Lisa (mummascribbles)


    These look gorgeous. Love some of those colours! Thanks for linking up with #TwinklyTuesday

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    Fran Back With A Bump


    I’ve never heard of this brand in the UK! Sounds like you got a good deal! #twinklytuesday

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    Helen Reynolds


    My daughter loves makeup, I will have to show her this. Thanks for sharing on #TwinklyTuesday.

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      Kayla Arnold


      Thanks for reading!

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    This was such an amazing deal! I will admit that at first I didn’t like the highlighter I have, but I love it now, as it builds nicely! You got so many gorgeous products!xx

    Hannah | luxuryblush


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