Cleaning makeup brushes can sometimes be an annoying, expensive chore. Some brush cleansers can cost $20+ so I thought I’d share my tips and tricks for when it comes to cleaning my makeup brushes!

I am always trying out different makeup looks and I like to try out new colours so I have to clean my brushes fairly often. A year or two ago I saw someone use a hair donut to remove excess eyeshadow from their brush so they could change colours while still using the same makeup brush! I gave it a try and it worked so well that I’ve been using this little trick ever since. Sephora sells a Color Switch Brush Cleaner for $21 but you can get a hair donut for as low as $4 and they do the exact same thing!

I have never bought a brush cleanser or a brush shampoo ever. I’ve always used baby shampoo (because I buy it for my son anyway). Baby shampoo works wonders on makeup brushes! Using it alone is fine, but I occasionally breakout and get acne so I like to mix in some rubbing alcohol when I clean my brushes, just to make sure they’re extra clean. I use the Curash 2 in 1 shampoo and conditioner and Isocol Rubbing Alcohol. I don’t have an exact measurement that I use, I just pour them into a bowl and mix.

I have a lot of makeup brushes and it can sometimes take 20 minutes or more for me to clean my brushes. To make things go faster I like to use a brush cleaning mat. Official brush cleaning mats can cost over $40, which is insane to me, but I’ve found some great alternatives! I use a $3 pore cleansing pad for my smaller eye brushes and a silicone pot grabber which is only $1.50 for my large face brushes. They are both super cheap and work amazing with my DIY brush cleaner!

So that’s how I get my makeup brushes looking brand new again! If you have any little brush cleaning tips, comment them below!


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    Stephanie ReadsWell


    Ohh…so cool. These tips sound helpful. I too come across a need of cleaning my makeup brushes. I’ll apply these tips 🙂 Thank you.


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