After months of trying and waiting I was finally able to buy myself a Kylie Lip Kit! I first tried to buy one their very first launch. I stayed awake until 4am to try and buy one and I got the confirmation email that said I had successfully purchased True Brown K so I was very happy.IMG_1620A week later the money was returned to my account and I was never told why. I tried emailing their customer service about 4 times and didn’t even get a reply. I’m assuming they sold more than they had available and just cancelled orders.

A few months ago I noticed that they stopped selling out in seconds and were actually available for hours so I thought, why not buy one and see how they are. I’d heard good and bad things from people, but I think the bad comments were just from people who didn’t like Kylie Jenner in general because these are the best liquid lipsticks I’ve ever worn. I have bought two so far, a matte, True Brown K and a metal, Reign. I also bought Mary Jo K for my mum because she only wears red lipstick. The matte liquid lipstick formula is amazing. Some people say that it’s too watery, but I prefer that over a creamy one like Jeffree Star or Australis. They are very light and once it has dried it doesn’t even feel like you’re wearing lipstick. I don’t find these drying at all. I know a lot of people say they are, but they’re matte lipsticks.

After ordering Reign, the metallic liquid lipstick, I read that a lot of people were getting them and theirs were half empty so I was really worried about that, but their customer service said that they’re not half empty it’s just the formula that settles in a way that makes it seem half empty. That does sound a little shady, but I have metallic liquid lipsticks by other brands (Lime Crime and Australis) and when I swirled the brush around in the bottle it looked the same as the Kylie Cosmetics one so I’m assuming they weren’t lying and metallic formulas are all like that.

I’ve seen so many people saying that Salem and Dominatrix are perfect dupes for True Brown K. I would say that they’re not dupes and you can see that in the picture above. Obviously if you’re just after a brown liquid lipstick that is easier to get than Kylie’s then yes, they’re great, but if you’re after an exact colour match then, these are not the ones for you.
I was going to show Reign with the other red metallic liquid lipsticks that I have, but they are not close enough in colour to even be considered dupes. Maybe once I get more metallics I’ll do a blog post on all of them.

Would I buy these again? 100% yes when I have the money to spare. These are expensive. Including shipping, they are $63AUD but to be honest, I think they are worth it. Don’t forget, you are getting a very long lasting liquid lipstick and an amazing lipliner. In Australia a good liquid lipstick is around $30 and then a good quality lip liner, Gerard Cosmetics for example, is another $25.

What do I want to buy next? Ginger, Kristen, Kourt K, 22 & Dolce K. I would love to buy all of them eventually, but those are the ones I want the most! I also would love to get her new eyeshadow palette but I don’t really need it because I have the Morphe 35O and Kylie’s is basically a mini 35O


I honestly can’t fault these, so if you are looking for a really good, long lasting lipstick and don’t mind the price, buy one from Kylie Cosmetics.




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