Christmas in October

It’s October, which usually means Halloween time, but now it means it’s almost Christmas. I see so many people complaining on Facebook and Twitter about stores putting Christmas items on the shelves too early, but why would you complain about that?


You can never be too prepared for Christmas, in my opinion. It always comes so fast and there is always something you forget, so why not start early and be extra prepared! Not to mention all the delicious seasonal food that you get for and extra two months when stores have it out super early.

I was in Kmart a few days ago and they were just putting out all of their Christmas items and I was in heaven. I only bought two things because they didn’t have everything out yet, but what I got I absolutely LOVE.

I got the wooden noel blocks (in the picture above) that I will put above the fireplace and a gold sack that I want to fill with pine cones or something else festive. The gold sacks can be used all year round. You can use them as plant pots, fruit bowls or just for storage in general.
There are a few more things I want to get from Kmart, I’m just hoping that next time I’m there they have more in stock.

I also went to Target because I saw a friend post that they have started putting out all of their decorations. I’ve known my Christmas theme for months and started buying little things months ago. I have a board on my Pinterest if you want to see the theme I want.

At Target they have the most beautiful decorations. I got all my decorations there last year and I’ll reuse a few of those for this year, but there are a few new ones that I wanted to get.


[Images above from the Target Australia website – star, reindeer, heart, star]

These are a few of the decorations that I bought. There are three others, but they don’t have them listed on the Target website.
We are still looking around for a new tree, because the pictures on the websites are never what the tree looks like in real life. I’m not going to pay $80 for a balding tree. I want it to be perfect!

Do you love that stores have Christmas items out early or are you one of those people that hates it? Are you already super prepared for Christmas, or are you a last minute kind of person?

Kayla x



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    The Perfectionist Sloth



    At the moment I live with my parents so I’d be in a spot of bother if I bought and brought home all the lovely things I see that I’d want for Christmas and home decor but when I’ve been living in my own properties I’ve done the same as you, I’d much prefer to get the bits I see when I see them than run the risk of them not being available or the price having been hiked up to the hilt because we’re smack bang in the middle of Christmas. I still have a shop near to or at Christmas as well but this way I don’t feel so panicked. I have been known to buy stuff in January too. There is so much you can get by doing it that way. I’m pleased to have found you through #BigFatLinky

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    All about a Mummy


    I completely agree! I buy loads of Christmas stuff in the January sales and have my eye out all year round! #bigfatlinky

  3. Reply

    Mummy Fever


    Stunning decorations – I like to be organised too xx #bigfatlinky

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    Musing Mumma


    I love Christmas! I also buy my presents well before October. I have absolutely no problem with Christmas being in the shops in October, but I refuse to display any kind of Christmas cheer before December – that’s what happens when you have a November birthday! #bigfatlinky

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      Kayla Arnold


      My birthday is in November also! I don’t display anything until about mid November (after my birthday).


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